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Homemade Germination Chamber Print E-mail
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I have been growing herbs from seeds for around 9 years.  In those 9 years I have compiled many tips for starting herb seeds.  One is a homemade germination chamber that I have in my greenhouse to start the seeds in.  Mine is made out of ¾ inch angle iron for the frame with ½ plywood shelves.  The diagram below shows the dimensions for a germination chamber that will hold 25 trays 11 inch by 22 inch.


Germination Chamber

Under the bottom shelf I place a small ceramic electric heater that has a thermostat to regulate he heat. To contain the heat I drape clear polyethylene over the chamber, and work with the thermostat till the temperature averages around 78 degrees.
Due to the warmth in the chamber I check the soil in the morning and the afternoon to make sure they do not dry out. To mist the seed trays with daily, I have a water line with a wand that is equipped with a misting nozzle. After the seeds sprout the flats are moved out onto the greenhouse benches till they are large enough to transplant.

Most small seeds I sow on top of the soil, the reason being, small seeds are to easy to cover too deeply and may not be able to break through the soil. Larger seeds can be covered with a light layer of soil.  When starting seeds or cuttings I use Premier Pro Mix potting soil with bio-fungicide. It helps to keep the disease problems at a minimum and I find I do not lose near as many plants.

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